Anytime Pediatrics

Pediatricians have responded to the COVID-19 by rapidly learning to perform virtual visits for patients.   It is not surprising how effective these visits can be for evaluating and treating a wide variety of common medical problems. I’ve been doing Telehealth visits for patients for over 6 years, primarily for patients with ADHD, anxiety and depression.  Parents appreciate the convenience of these visits and they require little in the way of nursing preparation.  Particularly during the pandemic, virtual visits keep children and parents in their homes, and parents who are working remoting don’t need time away from work.

Not surprisingly there are many conditions which are easily evaluated via virtual visits. These typically include rashes, acne and gastroenteritis.  Obviously, one cannot determine whether a febrile child has an ear infection, viral infection, etc. but an experienced provider can determine how “ill” a child appears and whether observation, an emergency room or office visit is required, or a trial of an antibiotic for suspected bacterial infections is appropriate.  It is even possible to perform a modified well visit (without the exam and immunizations of course), as parents can acquire inexpensive baby scales and be easily directed how to take a head circumference and length/height measurement.

Anytime Pediatrics is a Telehealth Service that provides for the unique Telehealth needs of pediatricians and their staff.  Patient appointments are handled by support staff, and patients can be “virtually roomed” by offices nurses or medical assistants, prior to the start of the visit with the provider.  As the video shows – the interface is appealing and easy to navigate.

The service is affordable at $150 per provider per month and there are no extra enrollment costs for administrative and clinical support staff.  Although AnyTime Pediatrics began offering the service 3 years ago, the service is now being used by over 1300 pediatric providers.   They offer a free demo, so you can  determine if their application is the correct match for your practice.



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