Cry Baby Update

Warts again….

There are numerous ways to treat warts, molluscum and skin tags in the primary care office.  Many of these we have discussed previously on the site.  Brymill Inc. recently upgraded the handle on their CRY-BABY liquid nitrogen sprayer which makes it easier to use. In the above video I review the methods I use to treat warts, molluscum and skin tags. As in most situations, practice is key.  You need to select the appropriate nozzle size or needle gauze for the target lesion and use the Cryoplate or Cryocone to isolate surrounding tissue.

I freeze the lesion twice allowing a minute or two for the lesion to thaw before I reapply the liquid nitrogen.  The Cryo-Tweezer can be used for skin tags or filiform warts when used in the same fashion.  Patients must return in 3 weeks or so for further treatment… If they don’t the lesion is likely to regrow.



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