We have previously presented videos discussing wart removal using liquid nitrogen as well as cantharidin products.  Both methods require that patients return to the office every few weeks for debridement and re-application.  The entire process from initial treatment to wart resolution may take many applications.   This is expensive for the patient, as those with high deductible insurance will pay $200 or more per office visit.  Over the past few months my local dermatologists have been advising patients to purchase the $10 WartSTICK to eradicate warts at home, providing instructions in its use.   This is particularly appropriate during the COVID-19 pandemic as it minimizes return visits to a medical office.  Patients should return only if warts persist after several months of use.

Wart STICK contains 40% salicylic acid, in a wax based medium.  It should be applied once daily or every other day, with a band aid cover left in place for 8- 24 hours or until reapplication.  For small warts one can use a cotton swab to apply the Wart STICK wax medium to avoid application to healthy tissue. Patients need to debride the wart with a pumice stone or emery board before re-application.  As the device looks exactly like a Chap Stick, parents need to be cautioned to keep the Wart STICK out of the reach of children.

By the way, I expect these would work well with molluscum as well.

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