Clozex Wound Closure System

Many years ago I used the Clozex wound closure system in my pediatric practice. It was inexpensive and allowed me to close superficial lacerations in children without infiltrating lidocaine. With a small amount of practice, I got pretty proficient in using the device to close wounds with gloved hands.

As shown in the video one preps the wound and dries the surrounding area, applies the Cozex adhesive panels to the wound edges and then uses pull tabs to approximate wound edges. Adhesive straps then secure the device and the pull tabs are removed. Very simple, quick and most of all – painless.  The device can be covered with a dressing for protection, making sure the overlying dressing has no adhesive that sticks to the device. The device is removed by the patient in 7 to 10 days, lifting the device parallel to the healed laceration.

About ten years ago 3M bought the Clozex system, but did not promote the product. About a year ago Clozex became independent again and is now promoting the device to healthcare providers and has even produced a version for home use by patients.

Here is the official Clozex video page.



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