Doximity Dialer Interview

Over the next few months you will have the opportunity to read my article in Contemporary Pediatrics,  that details a “Battle Plan for Combating COVID-19”.  One of the topics discussed is the  importance of selecting the best Telehealth (TH) application/platform for your practice.  For many physicians and associate providers this is now a “no-brainer” as the Doximity Dialer Video application for IOS and Android smartphones was just released.  Not only is the application (a sub-application within the Doximity application itself) free of charge, it is probably the easiest to use of all the TH applications I have used.   Doximity provides a Business Associates Agreement to users, which permits practices to use the Doximity Dialer application as an official HIPAA compliant TH platform for their practice.

As Dr. Peter Alperin, Doximity’s Vice President, Product says in the video, “The application just works!”   The application masks the phone number of your smartphone and presents the patient with a phone ID which presents the Practice name and phone number, so the patient will never view your private number. To initiate a video call, you input the phone number,  hit the video call button, and a text link is sent via message to the patient. They simply click on the link and the video visit begins. There is no need for the patient to load a web page or download an application.

In the future Dr. Alperin indicates there will be a desktop version of the Doximity Video Dialer as well as a version for Tablets.  It’s great that Doximity has fast tracked the release of this essential tool during the COVID-19 pandemic when there has been a rush to integrate TH services into our practices.   We have more than enough to worry about.   If you trial the Doximity Video Dialer I am confident you will adopt it for your practice – because “it just works!”



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