Advances in technology have improved healthcare providers' ability to rapidly diagnose patients at the point of care, screen for common conditions, and provide a variety of effective treatment options. Providers need to be aware of what innovations are available - or will become available in the near future. It is the purpose of Medgizmos to educate and inform healthcare providers regarding the latest and greatest technologies.

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EM University educates providers about the new guidelines!

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October 12, 2021: online!   Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer  review now online.  Summer 2021 newsletter available for viewing .

MeHealth for ADHD: 2019 Update

Mehealth for ADHD is an online tool for diagnosing ADHD in children and monitoring their treatment.   I’ve been using Mehealth for ADHD along with my practice colleagues for several years and have been extremely pleased the tool.  It facilitates diagnosis of ADHD by having parents and teachers fill out online Vanderbilt forms which are automatically scored. Consequently, evaluations are completed in just a few days.  Additionally, it allows pediatricians to monitor a child’s school performance while on medication or receiving behavior therapy- by requesting periodic follow up Vanderbilts from parents and teachers.

The system generates assessment reports and treatment graphs that one can share with parents and integrate into your electronic healthcare record (EHR), and also provides facilitated email communication with parents and teachers.  The online tool was developed by the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) in order to improve ADHD screening and management among community pediatricians. A randomized clinical trial showed dramatic improvements in ADHD care among practices using Mehealth for ADHD compared to control practices and a recent study demonstrated that practices treating children with medications who used Mehealth for ADHD had greater ADHD symptom reductions compared to controls.

CCHMC has secured NIH funding to recruit 5000 community pediatricians to adopt the online-tool to study how a variety of factors influence it use and utility. One simply goes to and enrolls. In addition to free access, users benefit by receiving 20 category 4 MOC credit for using tool each year.   Mehealth for ADHD recently expanded the tool by integrating online behavior treatments by parents and teachers that enable selection of daily and weekly rewards for achieving behavioral goals.

In the video, above, Dr. Tanya Froehlich, developmental-behavioral pediatrician at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, presents an update on ADHD and why Mehealth for ADHD can improve the ability of pediatricians to diagnose and treat ADHD.

Here is a link to my 2017 video review of Mehealth for ADHD!

Also: Here are some videos provided by Mehealth for ADHD….

MeHealth Training Video 1 from mehealth on Vimeo.

MeHealth Training Video 2 from mehealth on Vimeo.




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