EkoHealth Duo Digital Sethoscope

There is a lot to like about the DUO digital stethoscope from Eko. First and foremost, the device is an excellent digital stethoscope that amplifies auscultated sounds up to 60 times. It utilizes inductive charging to recharge the internal battery. In addition it integrates with a smart device application via Bluetooth to adjust the listening volume and stethoscope filter and record auscultated heart sounds. The device also adds the capability of displaying and recording a one lead EKG.

As shown in the video the application can capture either the auscultated heart sounds, the EKG alone, or both together. You can save a recording to the cloud from the application.  When you sign into your Eko online account you can view all recordings, play them back, share recordings with others, or save the file as a pdf.  To record an EKG the Eko is placed on the chest – but I’ve discovered you can more easily flip the DUO upside down and have the patient place one finger from both hands on the metal plates surrounding the diaphragm area.  This provides an EKG with less interference compared with that produced when the stethoscope is placed on the chest.

The device is very affordable at $349.  A selection of ear tips is provided. In the near future the Eko app will be upgraded so it will be able to use AI to facilitate diagnosis of various heart murmurs.

Great device and worth your consideration. As always stay tuned!

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