Every medical practice must dispose of medical sharps.  One can use one of a very limited number of medical sharp disposal services or process your medical sharps on site. When I was in private practice over a decade ago, I processed our sharps by using the Medical Waste Machine from Medical Innovations Inc.  The system uses locked Teflon lined metal containers that placed in examination rooms and anywhere sharps are used.  When these containers are filled, they are opened, two plastic discs are inserted, and the container locked and placed in the Medical Waste Machine.

The device is locked and turned on, heating the container to 380 degrees Fahrenheit, melting the plastic discs, sterilizing the sharps and encapsulating the waste in a plastic block during a four-hour period.  This is placed in your regular trash.

Nothing could be easier and more affordable!!!

In our three provider practice, we performed this process once per week.  The machine and containers are a one-time purchase, and our practice purchased plastic discs two or three times per year.

David Freedman interviewed in the video has been operating Medical Innovations for 25 years and speaks with great passion about the system.   If you wish to dispose of your sharps inexpensively and in an environmentally responsible way, consider the Medical Waste Machine!



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