I recently presented a Technology workshop for 100 pediatricians at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) National Conference in early November.  Among a lot of other great tech, we presented SnapMD as part of our brief Telehealth demonstration.  All attendees were impressed by the SnapMD platform, and those pediatricians who are considering implementing Telehealth visits would be well advised to consider SnapMD.

  SnapMD was vetted by the AAP and selected as a Telehealth Technology Partner for the organization.  I’ve been told that the AAP was rigorous in the selection process and looked at many competitors.  If you are an AAP member, you can adopt SnapMD at a significant discount as one of the benefits of the AAP’s Member Advantage Program – see

In preparation for the workshop I received training from the staff of SnapMD and was truly impressed by the company and the platform.   At no charge SnapMD will configure the web-based portals for patients, practice administrators and providers with your practice logo and colors and setup the system to your liking.  Some practices may choose to have patients schedule their own Telehealth appointment or schedule an impromptu visit with the on-call pediatrician, while other practices may prefer having the patient call the office with the appointment made by the practice staff. 

The video provides a brief overview of the platform.  There is a smartphone or tablet based application for patients to use (called Virtual Care), to facilitate scheduling and launching a visit. Patients can also use a web based portal to schedule or launch a visit and enter a “virtual waiting room”.  When the physician launches clicks a “start visit” button from inside the portal the visit begins. 

 I think you will find the company passionate about their product and willing to answer any and all questions.   



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