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September 18, 2016 by aschuman Leave a Comment

During the course of the day pediatricians and family physicians are called upon to make many decisions regarding patient care of children.  What antibiotic and what dose?  Is the baby losing too much weight? Rather than using a variety of different application on your smart device, you really need only one. I’ve used Pedi QuikCalc for years and recommend it to all my friends.   Probably the best value for those who have iPhones and iPads.

When you launch the app you are prompted to input the weight.  You can also estimate future weight based on CDC age based data. Medication dosages are based on this real or estimated weight, as are IV fluid infusion rates.   Most helpful is that if you are dealing with a baby or a child with gastroenteritis you can compare two weights to get the percentage change.  You can easily convert kilograms to lbs as well. The program doesn’t just have these features, but also a variety of other tools to facilitate care.   These include upper limits of blood pressure,  growth curves, bilirubin nomograms, etc.,  etc.

The IV infusion tool is outstanding as it provides infusion rates based on amount of deficit. The bilirubin tool is similarly useful and easy to use with recommendations based on risk factors, baby’s age and bilirubin level.   Even the medication lists are outstanding because dosages are based on indication.

Links are also provided to useful sites like the CDC, AAP etc. By the way,  in the drug screens you press a button at the top for limiting the display to those drugs used for pediatric advanced life support (PALS).

Kudos to Dr. W.  Kent Bonney  for developing one of the best apps for those caring for children.  Only $1.99 and IOS only. One of the best values as well.



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