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I’ve become a fan of the GoodRx web site and GoodRx mobile applications over the past year. The reason – this advertising supported service has saved my patients (and myself) considerable $$$ when they seek the lowest price for acute or chronic medications.  Medical providers realize that the copay for many of the medications we prescribe are often ridiculously high, and everyone appreciates finding the lowest price for their meds.  As discussed in the video,  prices for medications vary tremendously from one local pharmacy to another. GoodRx finds patients the lowest prices!!!  In my area Adderall XR 20 mg, 30 pills can be had at Walgreens for $75.62, while at Walmart the same prescription goes for $189.19.  Patients also can learn about lower cost alternative medications, saving money by getting 90 day prescriptions when applicable, or cutting higher dosage pills in half.


There are GoodRx mobile applications for patients as well as for providers.  Patients can put together their medication list, find the most affordable pharmacy for all their scripts, and receive alerts when prices change or new discount coupons become available.   The provider application lets one compose a favorite list of frequently prescribed meds. The provider can message patients with pricing information via an email message sent via GoodRx.  Patients have been very pleased with the service and I continue to make patients aware of its availability. Check out the video to review all features!



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