Advances in technology have improved healthcare providers' ability to rapidly diagnose patients at the point of care, screen for common conditions, and provide a variety of effective treatment options. Providers need to be aware of what innovations are available - or will become available in the near future. It is the purpose of Medgizmos to educate and inform healthcare providers regarding the latest and greatest technologies.

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Clarius mobile Ultrasound system facilitates POC diagnoses!

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The Optivisor is inexpensive and helps with procedures!

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EM University educates providers about the new guidelines!

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The Dragon Ambient eXperience virtual scribe system

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Is the “virtual medical home” of Andrew J. Schuman MD, who has been writing about medical technology and medical practice for over 30 years!


May 1, 2021:  CPT Webinar Added!  Dragon Ambient eXperience Interview!
Spring 2021 newsletter available for viewing .

Pediatric SymptomMD

One of my top 10 applications for pediatric practice is Pediatric SymptomMD – because it presents excellent advice for answering those questions asked by new and experienced parents.  I keep it in on my iphone so I can demonstrate its use at preventive care visits, and I encourage all my patients’ parents to use the application before they call the office or answering service.  The app was developed by Dr. Barton Schmitt who developed wrote the first book on Telephone triage in 1980. Dr. Schmitt is currently the Medical Director, Pediatric Call Center, Children’s Hospital Colorado, as well as Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine

Dr. Schmitt’s telephone triage protocols are used by call centers and medical practices across the country and throughout the world. Pediatric SymptomMD is an outstanding application because all information presented is derived from Dr. Schmitts protocols. This means that the advice given has been thoroughly vetted and essentially is the “standard of care.”

Pediatric SymptomMD includes several modules, including a Symptom Checker, Medication Tracker, a First Aid Section and a Parent Advice Center.   The app is available for Android and IOS, sells for $2.99, and has been downloaded thousands of times.  You can contact Selfcare Decisions at to inquire regarding re-branding the application for your practice or hospital!

I am pleased that Dr. Schmitt agreed to present and discuss his application with  Here is Dr. Schmitt discussing  the symptom checker module of Pediatric Symptom MD.



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