ReadQxMD Application

Years ago physicians relied on textbooks for medical information. Nowadays we rely on applications like UpToDate to keep us informed. However, as medical care evolves so rapidly it’s important to keep current with the medical literature.

I recently discovered  the Read QxMD application that facilitates searching the medical literature, reviewing abstracts and often full articles, and organizing them for quick retrieval.  As demonstrated in the video, one selects topics, journals and key words, and then the application finds relevant article to read and review.  It is helpful to have hospital library access as this facilitates article retrieval, but is not required.

The application is free, available on both Android and IOS platforms and works best on tablets- for ease of reading. Pdfs are downloaded to your tablet, and these can be annotated with built in mark-up tools, and shared with colleagues.

Perhaps best of all the application monitors the medical literature and sends you notifications when new articles become available in your areas of interest.

Read QxMD no doubt will be in my top ten application list when I next write a review article on the subject!



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