The Red Book

Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases AKA “The Red Book”

As a pediatrician I have relied upon “The Red Book” throughout my career as an indispensable source of information on infectious diseases in children.  It details our frequently encountered diseases along with the “zebras” of infectious disease.  This resource helps diagnose and treat patients as well as prevent spread among family members and children who may be exposed to patients in the daycare environment.

As described in the video, “The Red Book” comes as a thick book, mobile versions, as well as an online version. While I continue to enjoy flipping through the pages of book, when I am in a room with a patient, the online portal known as the Red Book Online (, provides quick access to information, as well as over 2500 pictures of diseases that help me explain conditions and treatments to my patient’s parents. It also provides links to informational handouts which are concise and well written.  This handouts by the way can be customized with personalized with instructions for your particular patient.

Immunizations are very complicated these days. The “Red Book” provides information about indications, catchup schedules, side effects and answers all questions that arise during the course of a busy day.

Additionally “The Red Book” has links to appropriate American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) relevant policy statements and provides updates to recommendations as they come available.  While all pediatricians who are members of the AAP get the book, family practice physicians can purchase this resource for a very reasonable $160.   Every physician caring for children can stay atop their game by using “The Red Book” daily!



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