I continue to be amazed by how versatile smart phones have become and how innovative companies continue to add to our repertoire of “connected” healthcare devices.  Such is the case of the D-EYE Portable Retinal Imaging System.  Many primary care physicians would benefit from a better way to visualize the retina and optic disc.  Our traditional ophthalmoscopes, after all – provide only a limited view of the retina, even when used with the most cooperative patients.   The D-EYE system uses the sophisticated optics of the camera built into many iPhone models in combination with a special attachable lens to provide clinicians with an improved view of the retina.   We need to visualize the retina during routine examination and in situations where we follow patients for diabetes or hypertension, and in any patient young or old presenting with headaches, or a history of head trauma.

The iPhone is fitted with a bracket that facilitates magnetic attachment of the D-EYE system (see video).  Officially priced at $500, I’ve seen the system priced as low as $400.  A little bit of training is required to become proficient with the system.  Once you learn the application interface and become facile with the device, you will be rewarded with a better view of the retina.

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