I love tech that is simple, affordable and improves medical practice. Such is the case for the Optivisor which is a $40 to $50 purchase from Staples, or Amazon, or EBay!.  It is a visor/headband combination that enables you to see those things you need to see with an increased magnification.  I use it for suturing, removing sutures, freezing warts, removing ticks,, removing splinters, or just getting a better look at suspicious nevi.

You can adjust the headband to fit securely. Battery powered headlamps are available as well. If you wear glasses as I do it is an easy matter to position the visor over your head while wearing glasses so I can visualize what I want to see with and without magnification – I just flip the visor down when I want to use it.

Also the visor can be fitted with lenses of different magnifications, depending you the need and your personal preference.   Great product and one every primary care physician should consider placing in every exam room!



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