Dragon Medical One

I’ve been using Dragon Medical for years and each iteration improves on the previous version.  Nuance recently released Dragon Medical One and it is truly wonderful. No longer do you need to “train” the software.  With your first use – the accuracy is terrific. This version is server based and users install an application on their smartphone to enable the phone to function as a wireless, network connected smart microphone.

The application enables users to assign commands to different “buttons” so you can choose to move from one field to another, activate voice macros that insert templates or move to different areas of the EHR.

One can dictate twice or three times the speed at which one types. This means than once you become facile with Dragon Medical One – you complete your notes much faster than you can by typing.  This means that you can complete notes before the end of the workday.  No longer will you need to take work home with you.   The need for completing notes at home is a major cause of provider “burnout”.

It is worth your time to not only to become skilled in dictating notes, but to take the time and effort to develop macro voice commands that insert phrases, templates, or navigate within the EHR or within the operating system.   You should read the manual (of course) which will quickly educate you how to delete or replace phrases, correct words or add words to your vocabulary.  Outstanding!



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