The Covid-19 pandemic has created an opportunity for the engineers at Remmie Health to develop and begin distribution of an inexpensive ($150) otoscope that can be used to capture images of the tympanic membranes and throat of an ill child or adult.  The Remmie Otoscope is now available on Amazon and is designed to be non-threatening to children. It complements ear or forehead thermometers that are likely used routinely by parents to screen children for fever.  The Remmie Otoscope transmits images to a mobile application which then can be sent to a child’s physician for review.  

Several years ago, the CellScope Oto otoscope was developed to enable smartphones to be used as an otoscope. However, it was awkward to use even though the images it captured were of high quality.  Because the camera’s associated with smartphones changed so rapidly, it was difficult for the company to produce the plastic adapters necessary to connect the device to smartphones, and sadly the company went out of business. 

As more and more physicians have adopted Telehealth, I anticipate that the Remmie Otoscope will prove useful for the Otitis prone child, as physicians can now diagnose otitis media or pharyngitis remotely. It can also be used to detect impacted cerumen, otitis external, and visualize ear canal foreign bodies. 

Remmie Health is now working on developing a Software development Kit (SDK) so Telehealth platforms can integrate the device into their software by developing an application programming Interface. In my view, a provider should recommend that families consider acquiring the device and using it in conjunction with your Telehealth visits, as it will reduce much of the guess work when evaluating an ill child. 



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