Gynmble Text Messaging Application

The old-fashioned way to communicate with patients is via letter or phone call. Too often patients who wish to schedule an appointment or ask a physician a question, have long waits on hold.  Patients get frustrated and often consider seeking care outside of their medical home.  Additionally, physicians who return calls to patients, encounter full mailboxes and waste precious time leaving messages for patients.  What follows too often is an endless game of “phone-tag.”  

The best method of communicating with patients, given today’s technology, is via a HIPAA compliant messaging system such as Gnymble, detailed in this video interview and demonstration of the system.  Gynmble was developed by Bryan Fine, a pediatrician and entrepreneur.  The interview with Dr. Fine and Kaylee Niederhelman, Gnymble’s Director of Business Partnership discusses the nuances of Gnymble.  One can message a patient or broadcast a message to many patients. One can copy and paste messages into the office notes.   You can even customize your responses with the names of the parents, and patients, and include images or files to enhance communications.

The system is very affordable and should be considered by any primary care or specialty practice who wishes to improve communication with patients.   



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