New Welch Allyn Diagnostic Tools – 2021Update: Interview and Review

The (new) tools of the tradeā€¦.

Primary care physicians have been using Welch Allyn diagnostic sets for decades.

In 2008, Welch Allyn introduced the MacroView otoscope with improved magnification and increased field of view compared to traditional otoscopes. At the time it was a major improvement upon previous versions. It provided a nearly complete view of the tympanic membrane, included a rotating wheel to adjust focus, used a longer lasting halogen bulb, and it optics produced a cool light without reflections.  Three years later the company introduced the PanOptic ophthalmoscope with a much wider (5x) view of the retina compared to traditional ophthalmoscopes.   

In 2015 Hillrom acquired Welch Allyn, and this year they are upgrading their diagnostic tools.

The new MacroView Plus Otoscope uses LED lighting and improved optics to provide up to 3x the view of traditional otoscopes, a focus free design, and the capability of attaching to a smartphone with a SmartBracket accessory so that tympanic membrane images can be captured and magnified via their iExaminer application. In addition, the MacroView plus can be used with Hillroms new Lithium Ion Plus battery handle that is charged via an usb-c port. They have also released the new LumiView clear, single use speculum, providing up to 8x brighter views compared to those provided by a black speculum. Lastly, their new PanOptic Plus ophthalmoscope uses longer lasting LED lamps to provide up to a 20x larger viewing area when compared to the view through a standard scope. It also integrates their Quick Eye alignment technology to help direct patient gaze during the examination. Online the handle sells for $286, ophthalmoscope for $841, and Otoscope for $455, and a bag of the Lumiview specula sells for $342. A new diagnostic set (new Lithium Ion Plus battery handle, MacroView Plus otoscope and the PanOptic Plus Ophthalmoscope is  selling online for $775 without the SmartBracket and $830 with the SmartBracket.  

A significant update to provide clinicians with a better view of eyes and ears……



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