HD Steth Digital Stethoscope

I’ve been using digital stethoscopes for decades and have been very pleased that new devices are being introduced with regularity. There is a lot to like about the HD Steth from HD Medical group. It features a rechargeable battery, high quality tubing and ear tips. It is comfortable to use and has a bright blue screen. It is easy to turn on and off, boots quickly, and enables users to adjust volume with a press of a button. It features 3 auscultation modes, diaphragm, bell, and lung.  As you would expect it provides ambient noise reduction as well as amplification. In addition, like most digital stethoscopes these days it communicates with an application (android now, iOS coming soon) that enables you to record auscultated heart sounds and display the recordings as a phonocardiogram.  It also enables a provider to record an EKG via the application for later review and sharing with cardiologists as appropriate. 

The HD Steth costs $500 and is a worthwhile investment for primary care providers who wish to improve their auscultation capabilities!



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