ScopeAround WiFi Otoscope

Physicians usually pay top dollar for medical equipment, so I was quite surprised when I acquired the Scope Around Wifi Otoscope from Amazon for $35 dollars. A patient sent an image of a child’s TM using this device via our EHR’s portal and I was quite impressed. 

The ScopeAround is made by a Chinese company that makes a variety of fiberoptic “clinical cameras” for personal use. The WiFi Otoscope has built in Wifi and to use the system one connects to the Otoscope’s wifi access point. One then launches an application called BK WiFI to see what the Otoscope visualizes. One can record photos or videos. The lighting is quite effective, and images are 720p resolution. Cleaning swabs are provided along with alcohol wipes for cleaning the lens. It is used in conjunction with a speculum with is included in the system. Also included are tips of varying shapes and lengths that can be used to remove soft cerumen. The fiberoptic camera does generate some heat but it is warm to the touch, but not hot, so it is wise to caution patients about this prior to using the camera. 

Take a look at the web site to see the other clinical cameras they provide. Many integrate 1080p resolution screens attached to the camera so one does not need to connect to a smart device to use these otoscopes.  

It is also a good idea to recommend that parents consider purchasing the WiFi Otoscope for the otitis prone child. This enables physicians to utilize Telehealth visits for evaluating children with ear pain as the images can be easily transmitted via email from parent to physician!



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