Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer

Forehead temperatures have been taken by concerned mothers since the dawn of time, and Francesco Pompei, the founder and chief executive officer of Exergen, suspected that the superficial branch of the temporal artery was an ideal site for reliable and reproducible temperature measurement. Exergen introduced its clinical temporal artery thermometer, the TAT-5000, in 2000. Now nearly years later, the company has sold millions of devices and the thermometer is being used by over half of pediatric practices in the United States.

The device measures the patient’s core body temperature, which is about 1°F or 0.5°C higher than oral readings. The TAT-5000 thermometer uses dual scanners, one that measures ambient environmental temperature and another that gauges the arterial temperature of the patient’s skin. The thermometer records over 1000 readings per second, producing an audible click as the device registers a higher reading. After taking 3000 readings, an internal “heat balance” algorithm determines the arterial temperature, which is displayed on the unit’s LED screen. Best of all, although the thermometer lists for over $400, Exergen frequently puts the device on sale for $200. One reason the device is so popular in the medical community is that it carries a lifetime warranty.

Parents also can purchase a home forehead thermometer manufactured by Exergen for less than $30. This is the Exergen consumer TAT-2000C. It uses the same technology as the TAT-5000, but it can store up to 8 temperatures, has an illuminated screen, and can be silenced so it doesn’t wake a child. The device has a warranty of 1 year. 



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