Webaround Green Screen

I’ve been doing Telehealth visits for many years, mostly for following patients who I treat for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and/or anxiety or depression.  The quality of the visit on several factors, including bandwidth, quality of microphone and webcam at both ends of the virtual visit.  As a pediatrician, particularly for my younger patients, I find I can improve patient and parent engagement by using backgrounds with my zoom calls. This can be videos showing me on a warm beach with the waves rolling in, or backgrounds with patient pleasing designs and colors.  While Zoom virtual visits can be used without a “green screen”, background images or videos can be distorted unless you use one.  

A very affordable and versatile 56-inch circular green screen is the Webaround which can be purchased on Amazon.com, for $50 or less.  As described in the video the Webaround is attached to a chair with Velcro straps and positioned appropriately in the room used for virtual visits.  In my experience it is a complicated process to re-fold the Webaround so it can be placed back in its transport bag, so I just leave it attached to a chair in a room in my office I use for Telehealth visits.

Please let me know if you have any advice that improves the quality of the virtual visits you conduct with patients. 



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