Masimo Sleep

I’ve long been a fan of Masimo pulse oximeters for use in pediatric patients. They produce sturdy devices ideal for the medical office that integrates their proprietary signal extraction technology (SET.  SET provides accurate readings in moving patients and uncooperative patients as often are the children and infants in my practice. I’ve previous reviewed the Masimo Rad-G pulse oximeter and well and the MightySat.  Both have colorful screens, easy to navigate interfaces, reasonable pricetags and display oximetry readings, heart rate, perfusion index, and respiratory rate derived from the plethysmographic waveform. 

You may encounter patients whom you suspect have a sleep disorder. Many are reluctant to visit sleep specialist who may order home or sleep center sleep studies.  It may be prudent to recommend the $80 Masimo Sleep Device.  As presented in the video one fastens the Masimo Sleep device to the wrist, attaches the sensor to a fingertip, and connects the app via Bluetooth to the Masimo Sleep Application. One initiates a sleep session which continuous monitors, oxygen saturation, heart rate, breathing rate, and respiratory rate.  Once a session has ended the user is presented with a comprehensive report with the above data and lists major and minor sleep events. This information can be shared with a provider and a referral placed to a sleep center if indicated.   Great device and so easy to use. 



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