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I hope you enjoy this Webinar on “Tools for Taming Otitis”, sponsored by Baxter. It was inspired by my article in Contemporary Pediatrics  2021 Tech Supplement (https://www.contemporarypediatrics.com/view/2021-best-tech), which was an update to article I wrote back in 1999 – 23 years ago.   The webinar details the nuances of correctly diagnosing acute otitis media, which usually is treated with antibiotics, from otitis media with effusion, which resolves without treatment.  As discussed in the webinar, pediatricians “over diagnose” AOM, and we need to be better stewards of antibiotics use. It is important to determine if there is fluid in the middle ear space – it most circumstances the diagnosis of AOM requires this. In short pediatricians should consider using pneumatic otoscopy to determine if there is fluid behind the tympanic membrane. The webinar also covers the new recommendations for tympanostomy tubes.

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