At a time when office staff is at a premium, physicians need to adopt services that can improve office efficiency. Such a service is DoctorConnect that is being used by over 34000 physicians and has been available since 2008.  This affordable service enables practices to remind patients of appointments.  It enables patients to request new appointments, pay their medical bills, and sign registration and other forms. Additionally, patients can fill out pre-visit questionnaires, such as PHQ-9 forms, GAD-7 forms and many more. It also encourages patient engagement by sending out after visit surveys that provide your practice with valuable patient feedback.

DoctorConnect also enables practices to securely message patients, manage and track no show appointments, and can even integrate Telehealth visits.

The video interview with Catherine Otis, Director of Sales for DoctorConnect covers all the bases, discussing how the service can improve medical practices. She demonstrates the DoctorConnect dashboard’s many important features.  As a pediatrician I can appreciate that the service even reminds parents that their children may be overdue for vaccines.

I highly recommend this service – physicians desperately need to streamline practices and improve communication with patients.  The service will reduce no-shows, facilitate payments,  and assure,  via patient feedback,   that your practice is the best it can be.



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