Advances in technology have improved healthcare providers' ability to rapidly diagnose patients at the point of care, screen for common conditions, and provide a variety of effective treatment options. Providers need to be aware of what innovations are available - or will become available in the near future. It is the purpose of Medgizmos to educate and inform healthcare providers regarding the latest and greatest technologies.

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Connected Technology

ScopeAround Wifi Otoscope, new inexpensive digital otoscope!

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Medical Devices

Masimo Sleep
device and application!

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Scoliometer application quantifies scoliosis via a smartphone!

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Dr. David Kraus

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Plusoptix Vision Screening

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Is the “virtual medical home” of Andrew J. Schuman MD, who has been writing about medical technology and medical practice for over 30 years!


April 20, 2022: online! Vision Screening Webinar online!   Masimo Sleep Review online.

Affiliate Program

Please consider purchasing devices directly via the links below. Each purchase will provide with a small commission which will enable us to provide our outstanding medical technology reviews for primary care physicians.  As you already know we only review devices, software, and connected technology that we believe will benefit primary care providers and the patients we care for.

Buzzy is a wonderfull device that reduces the pain associated with needle sticks, including venipunctures, vaccinations and wound infiltration!  See previous reviews below.

Click Link to Order: BuzzyHelps

EkoHealth has a variety of digital stethoscopes to improve your ability to hear heart murmurs, and subtle lung sounds.  The DUO even displays an EKG on your smartphone!

See reviews below!

Please order by clicking link below!


Medical waste removal has cost physicians thousands of dollars over the years with the charges increasing regularly and their businesses having nothing to show for their expense.  Now there is a more cost effective, professionally recognized alternative.

The Medical Waste Machine system replaces an expensive, on going medical waste removal cost, which increases regularly and incurs a cost to the doctors forever. The system can save small and large businesses up to 80 % yearly.

The Medical Waste Machine improves the practice’s liability situation  because there are no  sharps ( needles and syringes, lancets, blades , broken glass carpules, etc. ) and other medical waste on-site due to the sterilization process which converts the medical waste to ordinary waste immediately.

Also, the system makes an important environmental contribution because the waste  going to the landfill is not  only reduced in volume by an average of 75 % but is sterile as well.

Due to the monopoly which has occurred in the medical waste removal industry recently, prices are increasing considerably and regularly.  By saving physicians money, eliminating their liability, which they are responsible  forever ( from cradle to grave ) and improving the environment, the Medical Waste Machine  offers an unequivocal number of advantages over medical waste carriers and mail back services.


E-mail- [email protected]