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Advances in technology have improved healthcare providers’ ability to rapidly diagnose patients at the point of care, screen for common conditions, and provide a variety of effective treatment options. Providers need to be aware of what innovations are available – or will become available soon.  It is the purpose of Medgizmos to educate and inform healthcare providers regarding the latest and greatest technologies.

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Dr. Andrew Schuman is hard at work expanding the Medgizmos web presence.  Mednexus Mental Health is online, designed to expedite mental health services for patients and provide resources for providers and patients. He will soon launch Mednexus Online, a site that will attempt to correct the many shortcomings of our present healthcare system. Stay tuned as the best is yet to come.

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Technology Review Pages

Medical Devices

Medical devices include digital stethoscopes, rapid diagnostics, screening devices, and many other technologies that can facilitate care and improve diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities.

Connected Tech

Connected technologies include devices that communicate with smartphones and tablets. Examples include digital stethoscopes that display an EKG on a smartphone or tablet, as well as continuous glucose monitors.


Medical software and mobile applications facilitate triage, diagnosis, assist in medication management or can be used for diagnosis and monitoring a variety of medical conditions. 


Webinars posted on Medgizmos discuss a wide variety of technology related devices and applications!.


Medgizmos presents interviews with innovators that are rapidly changing and improving medical care!


Here you will find tech stuff that do not fit into any particular category or just deserve their own category!